Sunday, July 31, 2016

We Love our Lord and so We Pray: a Rogate Hymn

A hymn for Rogate Sunday (John 16:23-30)
a tune is needed

1. We love our Lord, and so we pray
With God’s own promise and command;
Our Father hears us every day
Since Jesus pleads at his right hand.
As God desires with joy to hear
His Son for sinners intercede,
So he is moved when we draw near
To ask for help in time of need.   

2. It is our Maker’s pure delight,
When we are lost in guilt and sin,
To see us righteous in His sight,
Despite what we may feel within.
Let us not hesitate to start,
Or think our pray’r will do no good,
Or that our works must move his heart – 
Our worthiness is in Christ’s blood.

3. We love Him since He first loved us
With love so patient it will last
Far longer than the short distress
That Jesus says will soon be past.  
O Israel, open wide your hearts,
To Him who hears you when you call,
His promise soon to faith imparts
A joy that always will be full.  


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