Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Advent 1 Hymn: In Memory of John Gerhard

1.What King now comes to save you,
O Zion, Church of God?
He is the Lord who gave you
And wears your flesh and blood.
No power and no glory
Comes Jesus to display,
But Zechariah’s story
Is seen fulfilled today:

Rejoice, O Zion’s daughter,
Behold, your King has come:
The Lamb ordained for slaughter,
The humble, righteous One;
And having free salvation,
He speaks eternal peace,
And ruling every nation,
His reign will never cease.

His crown and strength are hidden
In sorrows that he feels;
The throne to which he’s bidden
A cross of pain reveals.
All innocent and holy,
He bears our guilt within
And thus he calls the lowly
To find release from sin.

Has darkness come upon you?
Are you in sin’s control?
This Light from Light has won you
Forgiveness for your soul;
Nor find Him in your effort,
Nor seek Him in your will,
His Gospel is your comfort
That bids your sins be still.

He wields His Spirit’s scepter
With grace and mercy pure,
His Word dispels the Tempter,
And by it we endure,
And wait in expectation
For Christ to come again
And bring us full salvation
From sin and death and pain. 

Let Zion sing Hosanna
And lift her heart to Him,
Whose body is her Manna,
Whose blood absolves her sin;
On earth she here rejoices
To find her Lord and King,
To whom, with heavn’ly voices,
Her praises ever ring.

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