Tuesday, September 13, 2016

New Song

There is no song my heart could ever raise,
Which, if it didn't point to Christ in praise,
Would not be worthless, like a covered flame,
Which sinners hide to revel in their shame.

Not so be what we sing, dear Christian friends;
Upon the psalm the Church's life depends,
And with the glorious newer Testament,
We sing of Christ, His word and sacrament.

Don't let this world with soft and naked tune,
Bring what God gave His holy Church to ruin.
Sing out with all your heart mild Mary's song,
And cling to Hannah's words your whole life long.

What David sang is water to the soul,
It kills the flesh and makes the spirit whole,
And Miriam taught us well when to exult:
When Satan threatens, God will drive him out.

And I have hope that when this English dies,
Another tongue will read these words then dead,
And as my heart with Kingo's spirit cries,
So may his spirit Heavenward be led,

To laud and magnify the glorious name,
Of Him who gave us music to declare
That He who bore our sin and death and shame,
Is the new song, both here and everywhere.

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