Thursday, September 8, 2016

Sudden Death

When sudden death takes those we love,
We cry in faith to God above,
Whose mercy knows our deepest pains,
Whose love through every loss remains.

Our days are short, we know, O God!
How feeble is our flesh and blood,
That in one hour has life and breath,
And in another meets its death.

Almighty God, don’t leave us there,
Where those without your hope despair,
But let us see in life and death
Our surest ground of hope and faith.

For once when You in love ordained
Your only Son of life was drained,
As sin, the cause of death, killed Him
Who has our flesh, but knew no sin.

And there our heart will rest in tears
Until Your comfort calms our fears
And drowns away our unbelief
And gives our wounded hearts relief.

For You are He who wounds and heals,
This truth Your holy Word reveals;
So You who kill and make alive,
Will all your little ones revive.

Eternal God, You turn to dust
Our bodies - still in You we trust,
Our flesh shall rest until that day
When You will raise us from decay.

And so we still Your praise prolong,
Though tears now mingle with our song,
For You at last will dry them there
Where all Your children will appear.  

All Glory be to God alone,
To Son and Spirit, with Him One,
Whom all the Heav’nly hosts adore
With every Christian evermore.  

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