Saturday, September 10, 2016

Trinity 17: For Becky

God grant us to walk worthily
In kindness and humility,
To take on earth the lowest seat
And serve with patience at His feet.

What has this world of pomp and pride?
She casts God's word of truth aside.
She always seeks the highest place,
But soon will fall into disgrace.

Christ, as You left Your praise above
To serve us here in humble love,
So let us cast our pride away
And glory in Your cross today.

If now Your blood for sinners pleads,
And satisfies the hungry's needs,
Then You will also honor them
Who carry one another's shame.

Your gentle voice can but invite
An easy yolk, a burden light,
For You who give the weary rest
Bring comfort also to th' oppressed.

Our works cannot bring unity,
Your Word alone joins us to be
One body by one Spirit's bath,
That saves us all from sin and wrath.

One Lord has called us into light
And makes us righteous in His sight;
One faith knows God who rules all things,
One Church in earth and heaven sings:

Glory to God, the Father, Son,
And Holy Spirit, Three in One;
To You, O blessed Trinity,
Be praise now and eternally.

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