Thursday, September 8, 2016

Rogate Sunday: We Know That God Will Hear Our Prayer

We know that God will hear our pray’r,
When we ask through Christ our Lord. 
His command is clear and sure,
He is faithful to His Word.
All we ask the Father for
He will give to us and more.

The world is full of sin and need;
Christ is full of grace and pow’r;
Let the wicked flaunt their greed,
God will feed us every hour.
Seek we first His righteousness,
He will give all things to us.

Yes, how could He who did not spare
His own Son for sinners’ sakes,
Fail to save us from despair,
When our heart for sorrow breaks?
How could He who gave His Son
Fail to let His will be done?

There’s nothing that this world can give
That will last beyond the grave;
Nothing that can make us live;
Nothing that has pow’r to save;
Only Jesus’ precious blood
Brings us pure before our God.

It is His good and gracious will
That we turn from sin each day,
Trusting Christ our Savior still.
If we fall and go astray
Still He calls us back again
To forgive us of our sin.

Lord God, our Father, answer us
For the sake of Christ, Your Son;
Let us all that peace possess
Which His wounds and stripes have won.
Let Your Spirit guide us on,
Till our prayers on earth are done.

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