Sunday, September 11, 2016

On Matthew Six: For Stuart Floyd

Come, sing the praise of God the Father,
Who made us and sustains His own,
Let all God’s children sing together,
Lift up your voice to Him alone,
Who keeps us throughout all our days,
And only He deserves our praise.

Why give your heart to love an idol,
Who cannot give a single thing?
To leave your God is suicidal -
What good can Mammon-worship bring?
What wound can money ever heal?
What truth can food or clothes reveal?

Consider once the birds of heaven,
They don’t plant grain to store away;
Yet God to them their food has given,
Are we not worth much more than they?
Our worry cannot make us grow,
Or any other good bestow.

Consider flowers of the meadow,
That neither toil nor sell their wares,
Yet Solomon is but a shadow
Compared to glory that is theirs;
If God clothes grass that fades away,
Will he not give you clothes today?

How blindly does the world go straying!
She clings to what her hands have made;
Her confidence in money laying,
Her glory short and soon to fade;
Dear God, save us from trusting in
What only leads our hearts to sin!

Our need is known to God our Father;
He sent His Son from realms above,
To take our flesh, become our Brother,
And show the Kingdom of His love,
Where sinners find a gracious God,
And help upon the narrow road.

Was Jesus fed upon the mountain,
When He was starved of Heav’nly love?
And yet his body is a fountain,
That pours down pardon from above;
Unclothed and shamed he met the cross
With innocence to cover us. 

So seek first what our Father gives us,
The righteousness of Christ, His Son,
That calls us righteous and revives us
To trust in what our Lord has done,
Which saves us from idolatry,
As from our sins it sets us free.

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