Thursday, September 8, 2016

Ascension Day Hymn

O Christ, our God,
Your flesh and blood
Fill all of earth and heaven,
Ascended now,
Still here below,
You speak our sins forgiven.
And Satan must
Now lick the dust
And Hell before you cower;
And we by faith
Will conquer death,
By your own grace and power.

Believers, why,
Look to the sky,
As if your Lord were leaving?
He still is here,
And will appear,
But now His gifts is giving.
His holy Word,
The Spirit’s sword,
Still pierces through our spirit,
Rebukes our sin,
And enters in
With Jesus’ blood and merit.

True God of God,
He climbed the road
That led him to the Father,
Whose law and will
He did fulfill,
Our servant and our brother.
Sin must retreat
Beneath his feet,
As he sends strength from Zion:
Apostles teach,
And pastors preach
The truth the poor rely on. 

So fear no harm -
See Christ disarm
The power of the devil.
At God’s right hand
Our Lord will stand
And rescue us from evil.
He fills all things
And thus he brings
His sacraments of healing,
His Gospel’s pow’r,
Which every hour,
His mercy is revealing. 

Cry out to him,
Let doubt not dim
The praises of your Savior!
The means of grace,
His Holy Place,
Assure you of his favor;
And seated there
With Christ you share
A heritage unfading,
Which through all tears,
And pains and fears
In Heav’n for you is waiting.

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