Friday, September 9, 2016

Pentecost Hymn: with a verse against the fanatics

Praise the Spirit of our Savior,
Giver of eternal life;
Lord, adored by all forever,
Counselor in shame and strife.
He gives gifts no man can merit:
Faith and fruits that faith will show;
Only God the Holy Spirit
Plants the seed and makes it grow.
From the Son and from the Father
He proceeds to call the lost;
Nations, tongues and tribes to gather
In the name of which we boast;
Now to us is freely offered
All the good that Christ has done,
Since the death that Jesus suffered
Pardon for our sins has won.
Let fanatics flaunt their spirit,
Claiming gifts as faith’s reward;
Why should heretics inherit
What confirmed th’ apostles’ word?
Tongues shall end and knowledge falter,
Prophesies in time will cease,
But the gifts of font and altar
Still give guilty sinners peace.
Even in the midst of sorrow,
Love will rule and comfort us,
Joy will wake us in the morrow,
Peace will follow Jesus’ grace.
In the midst of pain comes patience;
Kindness speaks the Spirit’s word;
Goodness grows from every conscience
That through faith has grasped our Lord.
Gentle was our Lord and lowly,
So is every Christian soul
Whom the Holy One makes holy,
Freely giving self control,
All to serve and help our neighbor,
All in faith toward God above;
Faith alone can work such labor,
God alone can give such love.
Holy Spirit we adore You,
Comforter, to you we cry;
Paraclete, we fall before you,
On your promise we rely.
Take our prayers to God in heaven;
To the Father, to the Son,
To you, Lord, be glory given,
While unending ages run.

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