Monday, September 12, 2016

The Bittersweet Root

Compassion is a root that's hard to taste,
   So bitter is it to Dame Reason's tongue,
   If once it calls her perfect prudence wrong,
   She spits it out in self-defensive haste.

   The Suffer-With-Another Root is sweet -
   If you have too long tasted Reason's fare,
   That leaves her neighbor wounded, dying there,
   Compassion is a rare and wholesome treat.

   Some try to call this root emotive food,
   Pathetic, bound to Pathos' mobs and charm;
   But it defies Dame Logos' false alarm,
   And with its nutrients it feeds the good,
    But savors still as bitterness to those
    Who cannot take their keisters off their nose.

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