Monday, September 12, 2016

Psalm 134: Hymn for ULC

You servants of the Lord,
Bless him whose gracious Word
Preserves you from disaster,
For Christ, your Lord and Master,
Delivers you from evil,
And saves you from the devil.

You stand both day and night
In God the Father’s sight,
Enthroned in holy places,
Where angels hide their faces,
Where Christ lifts up the lowly,
And makes them pure and holy.

Lift up your hands and hearts
To Him whose grace imparts
Forgiveness for transgression,
And covers with compassion
The sins that still infect us,
But soon He will perfect us.

Bless Him whose flesh and blood
Are given you for food,
Where you may always gather
And cling to Christ, your Brother,
And put on Him your burden,
And take from him His pardon.

For He who made the earth,
And gave you second birth,
Will all his children cherish;
Though brick and mortar perish, 
The word still sounds from Zion,
The truth the poor rely on.

Will he not judge for us,
Who gives us righteousness?
Who made the ear will hear us,
Who gave us life is near us,
And he will soon translate us
To joys that now await us.

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